There is something real special about a good pair of blue jeans. Those ones that look just as good with a pair of converse and a white t-shirt, as they do with lacey heels, a deep fee and a boyfriend blazer. A good pair is versatile – just like you, and plays chameleon with your wardrobe.


A good pair of blue jeans is like a best friend. There are however (at least for me) some requirements : wash, length, fit and a promise to age well. Call me picky, but a good pair of jeans is an investment, and they will last you years if you choose correctly.

Your perfect pair is a wash that works in to your current wardrobe. Be it black, then so be it. But I’m a blue jean girl, and I love a colourful yet slightly washed out look. Length… Well. This might just be an issue of mine, but it’s as much a deal breaker as it is a requirement for me. Unless you’re going for the ankle biter look, make sure that it’s a good length for you that works equally as well with flats as it does with heels.

The way your jeans fit you is everything. A little bit ‘tight’ after the wash is totally normal and a-OK, do a few squats and you’re good to go. And lastly, the denim should feel durable. Let it age with you, spill things on it, let the holes earn their place, and wear them everywhere.


I felt so good about this pair that I didn’t really feel the need for anything else really – not even a t-shirt. Oh well, at least the neighbours must have had themselves a laugh or two.


High Skinny Jeans in ‘L.A Blues’ | A Brand
Tee | ASOS