Simple is never boring. If I’m ever in a rush, or looking through a cupboard full of clothes with “nothing to wear”, I always end up either in black, or more lately grey. As the perfect colour for Autumn, here are a few simple tricks to work grey into any wardrobe.

Grey for me, is a base to where you can build any style or suit any occasion, so treat it like a blank canvas. It’s the perfect base before injecting a seasonal key colour, and I am personally loving dusty pinks heading into Winter.

But it’s also a great colour all in it’s own right, so don’t be afraid to go all out if it’s something that feel comfortable in. Personally I like breaking my greys up with darker navy or blacks, but all of my basic garments seem to have drifted from black to grey over the past few months. In terms of accessories, go overboard with the fine stuff. I’m currently coveting these stacker rings, which change fingers each and every day.

What I’ve changed up most for the season is actually my basics. Bags, jumpers, jackets and even my wallet is now a slate shade, and I’m thrilled as it just seems to go with anything and everything.



  1. Start with the basics. Invest in a great jumper, a bag that’s good for both work and play, or a wallet. I have just found the wallet of my dreams after searching far and wide since summer, and it so happens to be – grey.
  2. Have fun with textures if you’re going all out, break things up by teaming soft fluffy jumpers with more structured pants.
  3. Inject some colour when / if you’re bored! Grey is so versatile, so adding a bright lip, or a some statement earrings will go a long way.
  4. If you’re a blondie like me, grey is a great base colour for you heading into winter. Go for lighter and marle greys, where as if you’re a brunette (lucky you), I would go for darker shades.
  5. Team with silver jewellery or rose gold, or a mix of both (currently loving!)