It comes around every year, yet I always find myself standing slightly distraught in front of my wardrobe ahead of the year’s first beach session. And with all those amazing women on Instagram flaunting flawless tans and boobs bigger than life, how on earth do we tackle summer?

What’s the right colour, shape, cut? Cheekiness?
What if I left my body confidence behind last year?

Fear not, because trust me when I say that there is a perfect bikini for everyone out there this season. If two pieces are really not your thing (I adore the occasional one piece), go for something you feel comfortable in! High waisted bikini bottoms or full one pieces are all the hype anyway, and as long as you are rocking some positivity and up for a good time, I promise you this summer will be the time of your life.

All that other stuff is not important, don’t waste your time on negative thoughts.


The white bikini is crazy romantic.

I almost want to get married close to a beach just so I can jump around in a white bikini at next day’s recovery party. This might have been slightly inspired by my beautiful friend’s Bali wedding in March last year, but seriously… it doesn’t get better than this. If you opt for something white – stay away from fake tan, eating berries or dark denim as your togs might not be so white anymore…



A black strapless number is always a good choice, though I tend to steer away from them if I’m heading into the surf. Yes, we’ve all done it… luckily I was in good company when the waves decided to tear my top off…

So I’d say stick to this little number if you’re planning a cruisey beach picnic or a pool visit.

Ruffles get a big thumbs up from me this season, as long as they’re not too “fluffy”… for a lack of a better word…

Less is more. 


Hello blues. If you’re going for a print or colour – choose something you love. When it comes to prints I’ve never been a follower of trends. Call me crazy. Prints and colour might need a try-on, I hate changing rooms and usually like to make a quick mirror judgement and then head to the check out, but take your time with these.

Some may look better on you than you originally thought – have a bit of fun with this and try something you normally wouldn’t have.


Brights have a great accessory – a tan. I am not nearly dark enough for this yet, but if you’re lucky enough to be spending a lot of time in the sun (which I hope to have time to do soon…) go for something bright.

Corals and turquoises are at the top of my list this summer.


All hail the neoprene.

This made it’s first big appearance last summer but I am holding on tight, and so are they. If you’re active in the water and on the beach then neoprene will be your best bud this summer. They stay put 99% of the time and some in a range of metallic shades too, if that’s your thing. I have three sets which I plan to put on high rotation this summer, just keep in mind that these to be looked after with a little more care than your normal bikini.

So worth it.


1. White scalloped bikini – H&M
2. Black ruffled bikini – H&M
3. ‘Arizona’ printed bikini – Gypsea Swimwear
4. Coral stitched bikini – H&M
5. Black neon bikini – Triangl