Holy wow, it’s cold.

And none of my friends back home hesitate a second to point out the fact that our 12 degree “winters” are just as “cold” as their springs or sometimes even summers. I don’t know if I should feel stupid or spoilt.


But here it is, well an truly, winter.

Whilst I get buried in transformation challenges and protein orders I sometimes get a golden 5 minutes to fantasise what to wear next season, and stare at fashion that is completely season in appropriate on tumblr. I am not sure why I do this, but with every season change I instantly change direction to the season that’s up and coming – perhaps a casualty from spending a long time in the fashion industry.

Last week this bikini ended up in my shopping cart.

Seriously? It’s like 3 degrees in the morning. And by the time you can wear it there will be an entirely new collection out anyway. Oh well, I guess when I see something I like I just not only have to have it, but I need it. Lucky we’re heading to Hamilton Island in a couple of weeks…

Speaking of transformation challenges…



Jeans | RES Denim
Necklace | Liliclaspe
Clubmasters | Ray-Ban