My family is a huge part of my life. You may say that’s ironic, having moved away from them (pretty much as far away as I could) when I was done with high school back in Stockholm. It doesn’t really make sense for someone who treasures their family so, to pack up their things, and move to a country that is expensive to get to, and also requires a 24 hour + journey. But to me, the fact that I could do this, and still be as loved and supported by them as I am (I know, I am very, very lucky), makes me appreciate and love them even more.

As you may have already read, me and my Mum didn’t always see eye to eye on everything, but she has been my style icon since I was a little girl. Now, you may all say that, I think it’s perhaps something that goes hand in hand with being a Mother and Daughter, but my Mum’s keen eye for detail, story and brand telling – have always been close to heart. What (perhaps) was to my Dad’s dismay, Mum has great taste, but it’s usually expensive. It added to my fascination of how and why she chose to wear certain styles, colours and brands, and she was always interested in the story the pieces had to tell.


When I got the chance to play around with the Silver Forest collection by Ole Lynggaard, my mind lit up with childhood memories of Mum talking about their jewellery, about the brand’s incredible history and angle. Yes the pieces were beautiful, and came with a price tag that I as an eight year old could not get my head around. But until now, Ole Lynggaard means something to me, more than just beautiful pieces of handcrafted pieces that you just can’t get enough of. The new Silver Forest collection is a stunning, playful range with mixes metals and stones, still with their signature Lotus ring in tow, and the ability to customize pendants and stacks to tell your own story. The best part is, that it’s refreshingly affordable, without any compromise on look and feel.

Gentlemen, if you’re not sure what to spoil your lady with this Christmas, this is a guaranteed winner.

And I might just be gifting myself a few little things this year…




Moonlit Dress | Bec & Bridge
Silver Forest Pendants | Ole Lynggaard
Silver Forest Ring | Ole Lynggaard
Silver Forest Ring | Ole Lynngaard