I can’t believe 2016 is here. I always start a new year with a lot of pressure on myself, as I know most of us do. Be better, do better. Be stronger, be kinder. Work harder, work smarter. The list goes on and it’s over even before it started. This year began differently for me, and it feels wonderful.


On the last day of 2015 my main man asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, so we entered the new year with the excitement and anticipation of what 2016 holds. After celebrating with close friends and family, and enjoying some actual, real time away from the digital world and work – I can safely say I’m ready for what’s in store. I could bore you with the details, the how, the what and the why, but here is what I’m promising myself in 2016:

Appreciate the little things, and celebrate the wins
Stop doubting yourself, but always do your best work
Drink less coffee, mediate everyday
Make the most of where you live
Break the rules, ask for forgiveness rather than permissionwatermleoncrush_poloFN_9

Write yours down. Look at them every day. Set up things around you that hold you to things, and don’t set yourself targets or goals that are un achievable or ones you know you don’t really care about. For example, “to be more grateful, and celebrate the wins”, sounds fluffy – right? We’ve bought a glass jar and a mini notepad for the kitchen, and every week one of us has to write down something awesome that happened that week, and pop the piece of paper in the jar. It can be anything. A big win at work, or the puppy learning to sit. Don’t make it complicated.


I also want to wear more of what I love. Hence white lacey dress and tie up heels on a Monday.

Happy 2016!

Civice Heels | Alias Mae
Lily Dress | Forever New