New Year’s resolution?

Why, I have many. And after discussions at the dinner table I think we all agreed that my biggest one should be to switch off more – and I mean quite literally. When a big chunk of your life, work and fun is powered by a screen, buttons and that damned Wi-Fi connection – it’s difficult to put the toys down.

A bad habit is (more) easily tamed with the help of another one, and I think I’ve found my new focus. As I’ve always been active and thrive on being in constant motion (both body and mind, yes, a million miles an hour, all the time..), working with Lorna Jane on their latest campaign was not only a pleasure but also thoroughly enjoyable.

If you are planning on a more active year, get some fresh gear into your wardrobe. At the risk of sounding incredibly vain : it absolutely makes a difference.

wearing | lorna jane
shot by claire fabb | style by yellow button
hair & make up | max may
styling | naomi smith