We may not always like to admit it, yet we know it to be true.

But in 9.99 cases out of 10 – Mother knows best.


I can (and I know she would agree with me) that me and my Mum have not always seen eye to eye. This isn’t because we don’t love each other – very much the opposite is true – we just think differently sometimes. We are also very similar, in many ways more than I think we both understand, and can also have been the reason for sometimes feeling like we don’t understand each other. It may also have to do with those incredibly, cringe-worthy teenage years when you think that “you’ve got this shit” – when really, you don’t.

My Mum has always been my go to for life advice. I looked up to her (and still very much do), for her kindness, open heartedness, confidence, sense of style and eye for detail. She always told me that I was fine – just the way I was, as long as I tried my best and was always kind to people. “Man ska gรถra glad”, was a saying that was born from trying to teach Swedish to a maid that we had whilst living overseas, one which she later used a lot with us growing up, which in broken Swedish translates to “You should make happy”.

This is my Mum in a nutshell for me – and one of the many reasons I love her so, so much.


I was asked by the gorgeous team at ASOS to style an outfit inspired by my Mum. My first thought was how horrified I would be by this if I someday have children, and they are asked to do the same. I’ve had some shockers – you know, the trends that “everyone” is rocking at the time and you totally think you’re rocking it too… Until you look back at photos a year later and go “What the F was I thinking…?”

Mum casually flicked over some photos when I asked her for them and didn’t seem to think twice. She is a classy lady and I always admired the way she dressed – it was never too loud or too quiet, and always well thought through. And though I know she is going to ask me why on earth I decided to include all those ear studs – I guess I still have a little bit to learn, still.






Top | ASOS
Shorts | ASOS
Heels | ASOS
Ear jackets & cuffs | ASOS


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