My Mum is one of those people that always does her best to always be happy, and enjoys making other people happy. Sparkles, flowers, love notes – you name it, and she’s all over it. She once gave me a Swarovski pen with a little saying imprinted on the side “Life is flat without bubbles”, which sums up my dear Mother’s life philosophy.

I need to listen and learn more from her. Especially in times like the one I’ve found myself in now, completely lost in a so called ‘life-work balance’ (which I current believe does not exist), and currently not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But of course I know it’s there, and it’s during these times a little bit of sparkle comes in handy.

Whether you’re a flamboyant Marilyn or an elegant Coco, a little bit of sparkle is understated, feminine and a little bit mysterious. A woman dressed in shiny objects tends to have a story to tell, whether it’s a part of her current journey or tells a story of the past.

And if you can confidently rock a top-to-toe sparkly number, then hats off to you.

As far as glitter and glamor goes for me, there are three simple rules to avoid becoming a day-time disco-ball.

Dress quietly, your accessories will most definitely do the talking for you.

Choose a color, because glitter comes in a whole lot of shades and colors. Mixing and matching begins to look like something the desperate kids in art class used to do when trying to meet a homework deadline. Keep it simple.

Let it tell a story – let the piece represent something for you, or maybe it was a gift from a loved one.

1. Amorous Pendant | Swarowski
2. Azalea Collar, Arty Earrings | Swarovski
3. Astrid Pendant, Azalea Collar, Rare Ring | Swarovski