At risk of sounding like I’m taking sides here – men are the best judges of jeans.

I know I’ve got a great pair of jeans on when guys talk about my ass.

Ha! I just realized how inappropriate that sounded, but I think most of you get where I’m coming from. The baggy boyfriend jeans, those flared creations from a decade ago, and let’s not forget the tie-dyed or printed denim madness that seemed ‘so hot right now’ way back when. Guys usually claim not to ‘get’ that, but when that classic pair comes on in a vintage blue wash or sophisticated black, game on.

Compliments are inexplicably thrown left right and center, and though you’re not quite sure what you’re doing right, but clearly it’s working for you. My new Mavi Alexa’s have done exactly this for me, which is why they’ve become a wardrobe staple for me very quickly. Plus, they’re long enough for me.

Given win.

alexa ‘black gold reform’ | mavi jeans
shirt | MJ Bale
blazer | asos
fedora | H&M Australia collection