Beach bum is such a stupid word, but when I get a rush from going for a sprint session, stripping down to my sports crop and undies to go for a swim – and feel every bit alive I know that there is something in my soul that feels good from this ritual.

Sunshine, sand, pre-workout.

Whatever it is, I love it. And having hair that can keep up with this lifestyle is a must for me.

That’s where this little friend of mine comes in handy – the ghd. OK, that’s a lie. We have been friends for a while – a long while. When I was a teen I remember saving up for my first ghd, they were beautiful and absolutely mind-blowing. Back then, all I wanted to do was rule my unruly wavy one locks, and spent hours trying to achieve a poker straight look that I thought was all the go.



Funny how things change.

These days, a bit of sea salt, and ocean breeze and a finishing touch with the ghd is all I want and need, so here is the lowdown on how to achieve the perfect summer beach hair. The best bit? It takes a little over 11 minutes.

What you’ll need :

– An ocean
– A hair brush
– ghd styler (loving mine in turquoise)
– ghd heat protect spray
– sea salt spray (optional)



Go for a swim in the ocean.

No, really.

Stop reading this right now and but your bikini on. If you’re in a cold country or it so happens to be Winter where you are, get yourself an amazing sea sal spray. I use ‘Ocean Mist’ by De Lorenzo, with a big added bonus of the coconut scent this guy is a winner.

Let your hair dry naturally, or use a hairdryer if you must – but keep it on the cool setting. Use a wide paddle brush and sort that hot mess right out.

Voila :


Engage your tools of the trade : your trusty ghd.

Give a quick spritz of the ghd heat protect. I spoke to my hairdresser at length about these products – YES you need them, and you need to use them. Part your hair in small sections (about 5cm wide). If you have long-ish hair like me, from about midway down : curl your hair around the ghd. Carefully and slowly pull down to create a loose curl. Do this all over your hair until your ends are curled all the way around.


Run a quick brush through your hair.

Dab a bit of hair oil on the ends to rehydrate those locks. And just like that – you’re a mermaid!

ghd styler | here
ocean mist sea salt spray | de lorenzo
dress | saboskirt