So much to tell, so little time.

This my friends, was such a story that had to be told through a video. And a video tutorial at that, if you can even call it that.

I’m not joking about the disclaimer either, there is a huge amount of incredibly young, talented, and utmost inspirational people out there, who do this a whole lot better than me. Like this talented lady. Or this one. The list goes on, and honestly just the thought of approaching the depth of that abyss frightens me. Hello, insecurity.


But here you go, me – as it were, showing you my every day make up routine. I filmed this about half an hour after getting back from New York (I did manage to make a coffee and have a shower prior to hitting the [record] button), but when you’re a busy girl who easily gets inspired by the things around her, this is what happens. Sorry, not sorry? I’m not sure.

To give you some context, and the fact that I can also speak (write) openly about this now – ah, the sheer freedom! – this came about when my Dad planned my Mum’s 60th in New York. Now, turning 60 is a big deal. Apparently. Especially if it’s you Mum. And if you’re my Mum, it also welcomes the opportunity to reminisce about the amazing days in the big NYC prior to family life. And trust me Mum, I don’t blame you for it.


So flights are booked and stress increases realising you will lose at least three and a half days offline whilst in the air. Oh my god. What about work? What about the to do list? Everything isn’t crossed off yet. Holy shit. What about the orchids? Who’s going to water the orchids?! My point is, it wasn’t until I reached New York, when I realised that everything in life is just noise, apart from family, and everything that comes with it. Love, friendships, laughter, dreams. We had it all in The Big Apple, and my beautiful friends at Bobbi Brown managed to make Mum’s 60th even more memorable.

With a few sneaky ninja manoeuvres Mum and I spent half a day in Bobbi’s office in SoHo, where we were schooled in make up. Or lack there of.


What I love about Bobbi Brown’s philosophy, and always have – growing up and watching my Mum praise these products like they were made out of gold. As a 14 year old with a slight rebel streak in me, I decided that when I was going to wear make up, I would wear the hell out of it. Yes. Awfully blended eyeliner and thick black eye shadow. But, I’m full of emotion, can’t you see? Bobbi Brown represented class. My Mum always wore it to work as an air hostess, and she always looked amazing. And though I snuffed at the comment on “your eyes are so pretty the way they are, do you really need that much eye liner?“, I look back now and laugh at myself.

The Bobbi Brown philosophy is simple, and it’s Pretty Powerful. Enhance what you have, let the make up work for you – not the other way around. In the video I (at least attempt) to share some of the tricks that the guys on the Bobbi Brown Team shared with me – use less for the every day look, and enhance what you have. 


Products used:

Micellar water | Simple
Smokey eye mascara | Bobbi Brown
Calypso cheek palette | Bobbi Brown
Basic brush collection | Bobbi Brown
Perfectly defined gel liner (Chocolate truffle) | Bobbi Brown