Long lunch on a Tuesday?

If it means working the entire weekend to make up for a few missed hours, this was something I had to do. We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon at The Powder Keg, Potts Point, to enjoy a lunch put on exclusively by Grant Collins and Chef EJ Holland.


watermeloncrush_TPK_7  watermeloncrush_TPK_4

If you’ve been living under a rock (Sydney siders), and are asking yourselves “The Powder – what?”, this is the cool new kid on the Kings Cross / Potts Point block tucked away neatly on Kellett Street, cleverly avoiding those cursed lock-out laws and offering a whole lot more of an excuse to spend a night out than just a reason to get slightly tipsy.

A modern take on an old Gin Palace, The Powder Keg is the home of over 110 gins, 8 different tonics – and yes, you can even choose your type of ice (hand chipped, block, crushed… it goes on), so cocktail and gin lovers, rejoice. If you don’t believe me (and I didn’t when I first heard it), I suggest you check out their drinks menu. Prior to this luncheon I have spent many girls’ nights, afternoons and early evenings at TPK – not getting smashed – because this is a place where people know when to go home, but decide not to let it get that far – as the drinks are too enjoyable.

Freshwater Beach Seaweed Salad

Mixologist, Gin guru, and owner Grant Collins, truly feels like he’s at home here, having seen him on this formerly adventures with The White Hart (Neutral Bay) and Zeta Bar (Sydney City), this place feels like stepping into someones – very fashionable – home. Plus, the guy knows how to whip up a cocktail or two, which helps.

What brought us to TPK this day was a foraged lunch by GC and his super star Chef, Elijah Holland. The previously ARIA and Jonah’s Chef welcomed us with a display or freshly foraged ingredients from Freshwater Beach (whilst sipping on a Seaweed Mule), we all took a moment to appreciate what true foraging really means – and the time and dedication required. Naturally a fresh spin on the overly-done paddock to plate concept, you will be seeing more of this at my favorite Sydney venue over the next few months.

Seaweed Mule, by Grant Collins