The last five days have been about something that I forget to do in the every day : just being.

It’s ridiculous how lost you can get in the world wide web, and a shame that the bestie sharing a YouTube clip is what makes you wake up and realise that it might be time to put down the devices. Its’ been 6 hours.

With my family in town, it suddenly became very important to (try to) switch off, and talk. Be. Drink wine. Get a sunburn. Go fishing. Sleep in. Laugh. I’m not saying that these are things that I ‘forget’ to do whilst drowning in my hole of paleo reads and current puppy hunting, but they are most definitely not on the everyday to-do list.

It was nerve wrecking and blissful at the same time. And now, how I long for a mere hour of such peace. But I of course couldn’t contain myself completely, so here is a small collection of our memories in between the Hunter Valley and Palm Beach.

May the new year bring many more of these moments – to each and every one of you.