My dear friends at sent me a reminder this week to live to #experienceeverything, something I think a lot of us put on the to-do list that lives in the bottom drawer year after year.

With the ups and downs of life lately, I decided to embrace this and find something little, and seemingly silly to do when I can, to make sure I experience the places, people and feelings that make me smile.

This morning it was the sunrise.

Living in Manly I have already started taking this for granted, and my tired eyes usually turn straight to my emails on my smartphone before the alarm goes off. Most urgent matters are attended to before 7am and then it’s head first into the day and all I can really focus on is my endless list of things that need to get done, forgetting about how blessed I am to be living in such a beautiful part of the world.

Knit and bikini bottoms on, sunrise here I come.

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