Y’all must know by now how picky I am with my denim.

So every Winter I face the same dilemma, and I tend to rather whip out last years washes, cuts and fits because it feels safe. Yaaaaawn. How boring. Speaking of boring, you would be mortified at the sight of my black skinny jean collection… At this rate they will need a walk-in closet all to themselves in about three years time. To any one else they all look the same, but I swear they all serve a different purpose and occasion…

Let’s shake things up a bit.

I’ve always been a blue-jean girl at heart so when these puppies showed up I didn’t waste time working them into my wardrobe. With a slick fit and a feather-like feel I can see these guys working themselves into the every day side of the closet.

I’m back baby.

mid-rise vegas in frostbite | riders by lee
blouse | free people
heels | windsor smith