Apologies for the silence. I have been meditating.

No really.

I was introduced to this amazing app called Brainwave Studio, which has changed my mornings and afternoons. Meditation… stupid, right? I say as long as it makes a difference for you, DO IT.

And I don’t always sit like this at 4am and 6pm… but I decided to at least try to sit pretty when this gorgeous lady is spreading the love on Instagram together with our THR1VE family.

To join in the fun, share your favorite #benditlikebisky pose on Instagram (if this doesn’t make any sense yet, just search the hashtag… and settle down…) for your chance to win some pretty kick-arse prizes, including PerformaProtein, which will change the way you look at protein powder forever.

groovy run shorts | lululemon
singlet | THR1VE
lunarglides | nike