There are so many rules in fashion it tends to scare people off. The endless stories I’ve heard from friends saying that they just could never work with fashion or attend fashion related events because they don’t know “what to wear” or are just not cool enough”. I must admit that fashion is a funny space, but it can also be a wonderfully exciting and endlessly creative space for you to run amok in.

What are your rules or how do you bend the rules of fashion?

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That’s what I do, every day, by bending the rules of fashion.

Maybe you have your own set of rules, or maybe you break all the ones thrown your way to create your own fashion identity. I hope that this post can inspire you to create your own world in this space, and to not be afraid to dress exactly the way you want, everyday.

This is how I bend the rules in fashion:

1. Man-dressing
Boys have it pretty easy sometimes, and when it comes to fashion I sometimes wish I was a man. I mean that in the least creepy way – it’s just that sometimes I envy how most guys can simply throw on a well-tailored shirt or suit and look a million dollars. We ladies face an endless maze of prints, shapes, styles and cuts, and we sure as hell don’t want to get lost in there as it could prove quite disastrous.


On man-dressing, don’t be afraid to take some inspiration from the men in your life. I can honestly say I never feel more comfortable and sexy than when I’m wearing my man’s shirt. Also works great if you’re having to spend a bit of time apart, just as a side note…


2. Tights are not pants



I tend to publicly disagree on this matter as I’m often caught in tights and a THR1VE t-shirt at work, and I will argue that it’s completely appropriate with my line of work. Or anyone who says it is appropriate. But let’s not go there shall we – as I know half the world will disagree with me on this matter.

But when it comes to gym gear in general, don’t be afraid to work this back with your wardrobe staples. Think crops under blazers, cut-offs and oversized singlets. And by the way, I promise you that your gym visits will become much less excusable, as you’re pretty much already half way there when you step out of the house.


3. Beach hair, everywhere
With summer finally here, I can’t resist the spontaneous dip in the ocean – as often and when ever I can. At one stage I got into the habit of doing this every morning before work, something I want to get back to as soon as this travel schedule calms down a little bit.


Apart from the sun, sand and sea salty breeze, the best thing about an ocean visit is beach hair. I have never understood why (especially us ladies) dive for the shower, shampoo and hair brush as soon as we get back home. Ocean water gives my hair texture, a slight wave and brightens my blonde ends, which I love – and I may have been caught with ‘beach hair’ at formal dinners and cocktails parties, but to be honest I couldn’t care less.


4. Sneakers to work
Oh yea, you can. I am so excited that this has become somewhat socially acceptable, as I would choose my Nikes over heels any day of the week. If you’re scared of bending the rules a little too much here, opt for a monochrome colour combination that works with everything.

Save the neons for the weekend workout.



5. Trends are not for everyone
Birkenstocks, high waisted bikinis, cat-shaped nails, body con dresses. These are all things that come and go from the ‘must-have-right-now’ list, but they are simply not for me. I don’t like to blacklist anything when it comes to fashion, but some things are just not flattering on me, whilst they look amazing on someone else. Know your body shape and type, and never, ever feel pressured to dress a certain way or buy that bag that everyone has but is just not your thing.


I used to be a victim of this in the past and have wasted many moments feeling uncomfortable or ridiculous in something just because I felt like I ‘should’ be wearing it. Bend the rules – life is too short!

If you’re like me, saturated in advertising, blogs and endless Instagram scrolling, I am sure you too have a fashion rule you like to bend.

What are your rules or how do you bend the rules of fashion?

Share your story with a photo or a video using the hashtag #BendTheRulesAustralia and you could win a brand new HP Envy x2, Beats Headphones and more. If you need some inspiration take a look here.


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