I must admit, I have never felt that I have mastered the ‘off duty’ or ‘lounge’ look. The concept of trying-but-not-really-trying baffles me, and if I really could’t be bothered getting dressed then I would probably prefer to spend the day in my PJ’s…

Not socially acceptable? Well what about my yoga gear…?



Tights and loose singlets tend to get a little tired too, not to mention the fact that tights are not pants.. (or are they?) Say hello to the boyfriend jeans.


Boys do this look so well, and I want in. Whether I look like I am trying or note at all, in this case I don’t really care, because they are damn comfortable. Plus, they’re easy to pull on after a morning swim – trust me on this one.

Dricoper | ‘Jess’ ripped denim
Element | West Coast tank