Having to schedule in down-time, working weekends and merely dreaming of beach time. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are back to work – and that in full force.

Whenever I need to stop, collect, and realise that everything will be OK in the end, I just look at this guy. He makes me laugh, and remind me not to take life too seriously. This usually lasts about half an hour, and then the ever-growing inbox raises my heart rate… Down another coffee. Back to the screen it is.

Busy weeks really make me appreciate the simplicity of black. Black with black. Black with white. Black with mesh. Black with denim. When getting ready is left to be an exercise of 8 minutes, a little black dress like this one gets me every time.

Note to self : Breathe, don’t forget to breathe…

ruffled feathers dress | love & anarchy
roadhog jacket | stussy
17OS | prada
topper heels | wittner shoes