I have never been a show pony.

And I don’t think I ever will be. It takes a certain character – a brave, bold and confident soul with a lot to say and a lot on offer. The big hu-ha of horse racing was fascinating to me when I first arrived in Australia, having grown up with these extremely powerful, spirited animals I didn’t really get it. I guess at this point you are heading towards the big X button in your browser’s corner as you came seeking Spring Racing fashion inspiration…

But hear me out.





I might not quite understand the point of switching off from a perfectly flowing work day to watch a horse race, but there is something very magical and thrilling about this time of year in this part of the world. No to mention the abundence of champagne and sunshine.

As for the fashion advice? Apparently there are rules:

1. Never take off your shoes
Choose a low or blocky heel that you can make a day of. Or pack a pair of ballet flats for emergency hours.

2. Less is more
Leave your sparkles and sequins at home – in broad day light you risk blinding someone… And we don’t want that.

3. Enjoy some colour
Except for Derby Day. Black and white only.

4. Heads up
This is the time and place for headwear. If you’re like me and not massive on the nets and feathers that are meant to surround your face : opt for a signature headpiece or a simple clip. But yes, you need something.

5. Easy, tiger
The day is long. If you’re drinking – pace yourself, woman. Remember – you’re all class.


Talia dress | Forever New
Hair piece | Forever New