I’ve never been one for Valentines Day.

No, I’m not like your bitter Facebook friend posting sad faced photos of themselves or throwing I HATE VALENTINES DAY events… I’ve just always thought it was a bit over-rated. And after a few unwanted (grand, I’ll give him that) Valentine’s gestures from guys in high school, I was always quite frightened by the idea. But like everything, times tend to change you, and in this case, for the better.

I’m not a chocolate and teddy bears kind of girl, which probably has something to do with my Paleo take on life. But I am most definitely a romantic. And a hopeless one at that. Swarowski was my Valentines today, and I’m – to say the least – head over heels in love with my new bling. More to come on this story shortly… stay tuned.

Happy Valentines Day my lovers, make the most of tonight x