I know, I know. It might be a little too early for flowy dresses and bare legs, but when the Sydney sun decided to stay out for more than two hours I just couldn’t resist.


Call me crazy, but the sunshine makes me more productive, happy, and to some extent a little carefree. We’ve gone through a crazy few months of ups and downs, incredible stress and sleepless nights, but it also made me think – if everything else disappeared in this world, I would still be one happy human if I had three things : my family, coffee and sunshine.

Everything else is really just noise, at the end of the day. And though my half hour of sunshine, salt water and extremely pasty pins was absolute bliss, I must admit I’m otherwise loving the luxe feel of multi layering and it being totally excusable to have four cups of coffee a day instead of two – because it’s freakin’ cold.Anyway, it’s golden moments like this that keep me going at the moment, and the thought of that some day all this hard work might pay off – to someone, in a big way.


It’s easy to forget when you’re knee deep (quite literally) in food flay lays and social media schedules, but so easy to recognise again when you can feel and see people’s lives and passions taking shape, direction and strength. In the meantime I’ll be seeking out little moments like this by the ocean, preferable book in hand or music in ears, feet in the icy water and the tame sunlight, remembering that when summer comes around this time will most certainly be missed as we start to sweat before even heading out the door.

PS – If you’re dreaming about Spring as intensely as me, get a taste for it right here as of Monday‚Ķ



Dress | Life with Bird
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