Great wardrobe staples are like the foundation of a well built home, and will elevate any everyday, ordinary outfit. These are the pieces that should say something about you – personality wise, or what you are loving at the moment – if it’s something you can afford and want to update often.

Personally, these things for me don’t change too often, and when I find something I love (like these) they are usually with me for quite sometime. This unfortunately usually means that they are slightly more on the expensive side, but are always well worth saving up and longing for. Here are my three essentials moving into Spring:


  1. Denim jacket
    Choose something that easily works into your wardrobe. In my case I wanted something light in colour and slightly cropped, to show off any fun Spring / Summer dresses.
  2. Statement sunglasses
    I am currently in LOVE with my new Givenchy’s, and these were a little bit of a splurge. But I get wear out of them pretty much everyday, and living in a sunny country like Australia I felt like this was justified.
  3. Everyday bag (that can also come to work)
    I spent a lot of time looking for something that I really liked, and I’ve come to realise I am incredibly picky when it comes to bags. As I have to schlep a laptop and camera around everyday, I needed something big enough to at least fit one of them.

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