April 11, 2014

Post fashion week and the other few ups and downs of the last few days have reminded me how important it is to look after your skin. I treasure my morning and evening routines, and can tell straight away when things get neglected.

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due north

April 10, 2014

One of my favorite Australian designer duos reminded me why I fell in love with them in the first place with their ‘Due North’ collection on Monday evening.

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April 9, 2014

At risk of sounding like I’m taking sides here – men are the best judges of jeans.

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from sweden with love

April 6, 2014

On a chartered plane from Sydney we set off to the GPO building in Melbourne where fashion giants H&M claimed to have stolen the show. And boy, had they ever.

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March 26, 2014

I not a big fan of Winter.

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March 18, 2014

Apologies for the silence. I have been meditating.

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caroline w

March 12, 2014

Caroline Winberg photographed by Silja Magg.

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oh tulum

March 9, 2014

The things six days in Mexico do to you. Sorry kids, I’ve been quite busy playing primal games, getting sunburnt and stocking up on sombreros, but I’m back.

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February 22, 2014

My Mum is one of those people that always does her best to always be happy, and enjoys making other people happy. Sparkles, flowers, love notes – you name it, and she’s all over it. She once gave me a Swarovski pen with a little saying imprinted on the side “Life is flat without bubbles”, which sums up my dear Mother’s life philosophy. I need to listen and learn more from her.



quiet heart

February 20, 2014

all images via lovewarriors.se I find serious calm and zen in beautiful spaces. When I don’t have the time to upkeep my own den my eyes wander over to this little page. It’s always so inspiring and calming, in a strange way. And Swedish… of course.

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