stupid questions

March 1, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to join the beautiful team at Lenovo for a private conference with none other than Ashton Kutcher. Yes, swoon. Apart from being the most down-to-earth and cool guy, he is ridiculously smart… (and kind of really hot) Having invested in businesses like Sound Cloud, Uber and more, this guys clearly has a few things going for him.

That, and his ridiculously hot wife.

Ashton spoke about questions, and how there is such a thing as a stupid question. I had to agree, but quietly. Sometimes they just feel like room fillers, it’s the guy who hasn’t done the homework but wants to sound important. We all know one, or two.
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morning pages

February 14, 2015

Currently I am bending all of the rules of life hacking. In bed, laptop propped on my crossed legs, with wet hair – straight our of the shower and six hours until I have to get out of bed. This what not to do, kids.

But hear me out, I may not practice what I preach all the time, but I might still have a few pointers.

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bend the rules

November 27, 2014

There are so many rules in fashion it tends to scare people off. The endless stories I’ve heard from friends saying that they just could never work with fashion or attend fashion related events because they don’t know “what to wear” or are just not cool enough”. I must admit that fashion is a funny space, but it can also be a wonderfully exciting and endlessly creative space for you to run amok in.

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swim 2014

November 21, 2014

It comes around every year, yet I always find myself standing slightly distraughtΒ in front of my wardrobe ahead of the year’s first beach session. And with all those amazing women on Instagram flaunting flawless tans and boobs bigger than life, how on earth do we tackle summer?

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because boys

November 16, 2014

I must admit, I have never felt that I have mastered the ‘off duty’ or ‘lounge’ look. The concept of trying-but-not-really-trying baffles me, and if I really could’t be bothered getting dressed then I would probably prefer to spend the day in my PJ’s…

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how to : beach hair

October 13, 2014

Beach bum is such a stupid word, but when I get a rush from going for a sprint session, stripping down to my sports crop and undies to go for a swim – and feel every bit alive I know that there is something in my soul that feels good from this ritual.

Sunshine, sand, pre-workout.

Whatever it is, I love it. And having hair that can keep up with this lifestyle is a must for me.

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October 11, 2014

That saying - if you can’t beat them, join them - doesn’t sit well with me. Defeat is not something I do well, I’d rather shuffle off into my corner and reconsider my game plan… And I will find a way, or someone gets hurt.

Not really, but almost.

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bacardi chasers

October 10, 2014

I have never been a show pony.

And I don’t think I ever will be. It takes a certain character – a brave, bold and confident soul with a lot to say and a lot on offer. The big hu-ha of horse racing was fascinating to me when I first arrived in Australia, having grown up with these extremely powerful, spirited animals I didn’t really get it. I guess at this point you are heading towards the big X button in your browser’s corner as you came seeking Spring Racing fashion inspiration…

But hear me out.

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paleo pancakes

October 9, 2014

All that talk about healthy pancakes.

Surely something so fluffy, fun and full of childhood memories cannot possibly be made healthy – they’re meant to be hiding chocolate chips, be covered in Maple Syrup or heaven forbid – topped with lemon and sugar.

Well, I’ve got news for you.

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